NEWS 12/7/07:
Just found out that The Scrubs song "Passing Through" was in another movie trailer. This one's for the film Charlie Bartlett. Check it out at or

NEWS 10/1/06:
The Scrubs "Complete Discography 1999-2003" has been released in digital-only. It's available from iTunes and all similar stores. It features 21 songs - everything The Scrubs ever recorded that's not on the "Return To The Basement" album. Buy it today and reminisce to your favorite old Scrubs songs like "I Wish It Were Summer," "4:30 AM," "Sugar Coated," "You Can Call Me Al" and more!

NEWS 3/18/06:
Our song "Passing Through" appears in a current movie trailer for a film called Little Manhattan. Apparently it's by the guy who did The Wonder Years series. Check out the movie at or and keep your eyes and ears out for it on your TV.

NEWS 8/19/05:
Two shows scheduled in Cincinnati, September 2nd and 3rd. Better come see us!

NEWS 7/20/05:
Check out this sweet review we got from "The Scrubs pack a single song with more pop hooks than most bands can fit on an entire album. Pick slides, machine-gun drums, yowling vocals, and a hyperactive ear for melody keep these mad lads bouncing around your cranium all night long. Revel in the ecstatic sound of their angst." We couldn't have written it better ourselves. Anyway, Jeff's in town and we promise a live show or two before the end of Summer!

NEWS 3/21/05:
We're playing this Saturday the 26th with Against Me! at Top Cat's in Cincinnati. Visit for advance tickets. Come say hi. We have new t-shirts.

NEWS 12/30/04:
Tomorrow night we're being played on XM Satellite Radio's Radio Unsigned "Radar Report" at 9 PM. Check it out! Have a happy new year and don't forget to come see us January 13th with Mustard Plug.

NEWS 12/13/04:
Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows Thanksgiving weekend. They were a blast! Many thanks to The Interns and Punchline as well. We have been recently featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, as well as a zine called Nuthin' (email us if you want a copy). We're playing a show in January with Mustard Plug. Go buy our new record!

NEWS 11/7/04:
"Return To The Basement" hits stores on Tuesday. If your favorite store doesn't have it, please ask them to order it. The easiest way to get it is still directly from Nice Guy Records. We have a show 11/26 in Kent, OH and our CD Release Party is 11/27 in Cincinnati!

NEWS 9/24/04:
Our new CD "Return To The Basement" comes out November 9th on Nice Guy Records. You can preview the entire thing at Check it out!

NEWS 8/24/04:
While you wait on our new CD, catch up on the old stuff. Nice Guy Records has released "The Scrubs Complete Discography 1999-2001," which includes the entire out-of-print "Makin' A Mess" and "Don't Fall Twice" albums plus some compilation songs and a few unreleased gems. The release is in MP3 format only and is available exclusively from

NEWS 8/15/04:
Our new CD EP "Return To The Basement" will be released November 9th by Nice Guy Records. It will have 6 new songs and a music video for "4:30 AM." Some mp3 samples will be up shortly, so stay tuned. Don't forget to come see us this Monday (8/16) at the Vans Warped Tour in Cincinnati. Remember, we play first on the Ernie Ball stage, so get there early.

NEWS 7/14/04:
Get this...we're opening for The Queers! Come on down to Radiodown in Covington, KY on August 11th (Mike's birthday!) and see us. Also on the bill are The Gamits and Ten Foot Pole. We play 1st so get there by 8:30 to see us.

NEWS 6/30/04:
While you're voting for us for things, head to Music From The OC. Click on "HEAR SONGS" and you can listen to our song which was posted 6/29/04 (they're listed in order of posting). Then get on the message boards there and tell the producers to put our song in the TV show. It could happen.

NEWS 6/26/04:
Help us in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands by going to and voting for us. You can vote every day! We will be the 1st band to play our stage at the Cincinnati Warped Tour, so make sure you get there good and early.

NEWS 5/10/04:
We're playing the Warped Tour! Catch us August 16th at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati on the Ernie Ball Local Heroes stage. For more info, visit Also, pictures from our last 2 shows have been posted in the pictures section.


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